Fresh Water Tanks

Change to Aquatex method of cleaning Fresh Water Tanks, filters and pipes onboard cruise ships, ferries and vessels to minimized the risk for a water pollution and faster and more efficient cleaning.

If you still believe in high pressure cleaning followed by chlorination think twice and change to the Aquatex safer Cleaning Method.

By Aquatex your fresh water system will be free of all kind of deposits and bioslime, which means all the bacterias have no places to live.

You´ll get:

  • faster cleaning
  • no smell of chlorine
  • less maintanence
  • better and more pure water quality.

Fresh Water Piping

Only clean FW-piping can supply pure potable water.

If you follow the general guidelines about disinfecting fresh water piping you will still have pipes with biofoulding and scalings.​ Nice homes and food for bacteria's!

Dirty pipes will never supply pure and tasty water.

The Aquatex concept cleans your piping and disinfect at the same time.

Clean piping will supply clean fresh water - over a longer period. Period.​

Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires Disease can - in worst case - cause death.

People are infected through the aerosoles from the duches in the baths.​

You can heat up or super-chlorinate your water systems - but the dirt, scalings and biofoulding including the inhabiters - the Legionella and Pseudomonas bacteria´s will remain!​


Cleaning Agents

More than 100 cleaning agents will help you to remove all kind of dirt, scalings and bacterias from almost any kind of surfaces fast and effective.

The products are easy to dispose after the cleaning.​

Cleaning Equipment

The right cleaning equipment is half the work.

To ensure a safe cleaning we recommend our approved and special developed equipment.​


We have a lot of experience in fresh water systems and contaminations.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Often a good advise in  time can save you costs and time.​

We have from our many cleaning tasks onboard vessels collected 16 Free Money Saving Advises to avoid fresh water pollutions.
The advises are based on our experience from the last 10 years.
Get the 16 Free Advises here and keep your fresh water pure and your passengers and crew healthy.

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Aqautex 16 free advises to avoid fresh water contaminations on board vessels